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I spend my working hours helping SMEs, small teams and non-profits make the most of their online presence. Outside of work I spend my time helping two small people make the most of their real world presence.

Cider Café is a sort of meeting place for all my internet projects, the umbrella under which they gather. Cider Café is about talking things through, helping you work out the internet, and helping individuals and organisations make it work for them.

I have a long track record in both IT design and development. A history of being the one who gets his hands dirty with the techies but who can still explain things in plain English to the users who ‘just want it to work!‘

I have worked with a range of large and small businesses and voluntary sector organisations and have a soft spot for community organisations that need help to increase their reach within their local communities.

So, whether you need an all singing all dancing website, a simple blog or you just want some help understanding what the hell twitter IS, I can probably help. And whether you are an internet whizz or someone who’s only just worked out what a mouse is, I can work to your needs and your skillset.

Finally, Cider Café is a flexible concept – on a day to day basis it’s just me. But as and when a project demands it, I can call on a large network of talented friends to bring together the right skills to do the the job in hand.